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Focus on Patients, Not Paperwork

A vital piece of the revenue cycle is how a medical practice processes medical claims. Many medical practices have recognized that outsourcing the processing of medical claims is a cost effective solution that can reduce the medical practices overall spend. However, not having the right practice management system can negatively affect what is vital to the medical practice: cash flow. That's why Keyclo utilizes a cloud-based practice management system that has a fully integrated clearinghouse, and allows a medical practice access to the system and access to our reporting tool.

Having an integrated clearinghouse helps ensure the accuracy of demographics on medical claims that can help reduce rejections. Also, assists with tasks such as insurance claims verification where a medical practice can view results with a click of a button days prior to a patient visit. Giving a medical practice a proactive tool that will greatly reduce revenue cycle interruptions.

So focus on patient care, and let Keyclo handle the rest.

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