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About Keyclo

Keyclo LLC is a Revenue Cycle Management company assisting doctors with the business side of their medical practice. Utilizing state of the art cloud technologies, Keyclo is able to help medical practices maximize their cash flow. For Keyclo, revenue cycle management isn't just billing, it's looking at the complete revenue cycle in three phases:
Revenue Cycle Management
Within these three phases there are tasks that can affect the revenue cycle, i.e., attracting patients, appointment scheduling, insurance eligibility verification, medical claim processing, compliance adherance, etc., that can affect the revenue cycle positively or negatively. Through Keyclo's FREE Practice Analysis, Keyclo will assess a medical practice's revenue cycle and let the medical practice know if there are any areas that need improvement or that everything is running effectively and there is no need for Keyclo's services. Either way it's a win-win for the medical practice.

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